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A Cross-Disciplinary Network of Changemakers

We are a group of regenerative designers, peace activists, and systems thinkers on a journey to change the world with design. Our work is based on a respect for Earth, her natural resources, and carrying capacity. Motivated by compassion in the face of the disastrous impacts of a changing climate and the social problems at the root of this crisis, we are dedicated to restoring harmony and regenerating communities in the built and natural environment, simultaneously.

Our team consists of architects, engineers, planners, builders, lawyers, geologists, biologists, advocates, and organizers who are motivated to change the world through good design.

In the next thirty years, two billion new people will be living in cities in the developing world where housing, food, and water shortages have created unsustainable patterns of growth. We are committed to empowering the people in these places to build communities that are healthy and inspiring, and are reviving the wisdom of the village to do this. Our clients are rural land stewards and urban communities who seek a deeper relationship with each other, themselves, and the Earth.

Environment trumps will, a fact we are reminded of when we recognize how a change in consciousness must be made in order to shift the paradigm of human habitation on this planet to one that is able to be sustained. In alignment with the UN's 2030 Agenda and other global visions for a world that works for all, we are creating tools and templates for community organization, governance, and development which change minds and raise consciousness.

We celebrate the role of the built environment in reminding humans of their connection to the Earth. Knowing that the places in which we live shape our worldview and lives, we are developing new ways to use architecture as a tool for transformation and societal change.

Visionary architect and geodesign pioneer, Veronica Anderson, leads the charge towards a just, equitable, and sustainable world with her work. Head to her website for more information.

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